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5 steps to buying!

The process of buying a property in Austria is very straightforward. However, there are some basic facts to consider. To make the process easier we have put together some tips and suggestions for you in our "5 steps to buying!" guideline. For many of our customers this guideline was a great success factor when buying a holiday property. It is crucial to us that you don´t oversee any of the important facts. As independent agents we are unbiased as we don´t develop any of these projects ourselves. Together with our experts we are on hand to offer you the advise and expertise you need.

The expert guide.

Kaufratgeber Ferienimmobilie Expertenrat

Step 2: There are a number of prerequirements to consider when buying a holiday property in Austria. Over the last 15 years we have been working with some of the leading tax and legal advisors in the holiday property business. They will be happy to assist you with any queries you might have in terms of tax, finance, legal and return on investment issues. 

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The decision-making process. 

Kaufratgeber Ferienimmobilie Kaufentscheidung

Step 3: You have answered all questions in our pre-requirement profile and are ready for the next step. We have put together some basic facts about Austria. Based in central Europe and a EU member since 1995 Austria is one of the safest and economically most stable countries in Europe. This information provides facts and figures to make your decision easier. We would like you and your loved ones to enjoy your holiday property for a long time to come. 

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Get ready to buy.

Kaufratgeber Ferienimmobilie Vorbereitung

Step 4: We are conviced that a good and profound preparation process is key to making the right decisions in various matters of life. This also applies to the purchasing process of a holiday property in the Alps. 

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The buying process.

Kaufratgeber Ferienimmobilie Kaufabwicklung

Step 5: We would like to make the process of purchasing a holiday property as easy as possible. We have put together all the relevant information for the entire process. This includes the set up of the purchasing agreement as well as any relevant tax issues. 

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Research the market and seek advice on the perfect holiday property to suit your requirements. Discuss your wishes with us. We are experts and know the area as well as the properties for sale extremely well. Our advise and expertise is unbiased. We Sie möchten sich den Traum einer eigenen Ferienimmobilie erfüllen? Wir begleiten und beraten Sie dabei kompetent und zuverlässig. 
Mit unseren Videos können Sie sich einen ersten Überblick zu den Themen Kauf, Weitervermietung und Anlagerendite einer Ferienimmobilie verschaffen. 

Stage payments

When buying a property, it is key to protect the interests of both parties. In Austria the notary, who is a semi-public official, will act on behalf of both the purchaser and the vendor, he will draw up the deed of sale and all the documents required to transfer the legal ownership. Please refer to our video to get some more insights into the topic. 



Due to the fact that the tourism industry plays a key role in Austria´s economy the governement does not want holiday home owners to leave their properties empty for large parts of the year. Hence, most holiday properties in Austria are obliged to be rented out. This does not only a great opportunity on a very good ROI, it is also a perfect way of ensuring that the property is well maintained throughout the year. Please refer to our video for more information. 



There are a number of tax benefits to renting as it is possible to reclaim some, or all VAT on your purchase giving a discount of up to 20%. To be eligible for this VAT rebate you are expected to rent your property professionally. There are a number of topics to consider and it is advisable to seek the expertise of a tax consultant. Please refer to your video to get some basic information on the issue. 

Rental options


A holiday property in Austria offers a great rental income potential for buyers. We would like to offer you a carefree package. Please refer to our video to for more information on rental and buy-to-let options.  

Purchase costs and payments


There are a number of topics to consider when buying a holiday property. Please refer to our video to get some further information on purchase costs and payments.